Z Blog.

Based on our first-hand experiences, we discuss the much needed professionalization of the social sector, so that eventually scientific reasoning and impact will rule.

We believe that there is enough money in the social sector to tackle nearly all of the present social challenges, were it spent more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to contribute to the discussion of what works – and what doesn’t.


  • Impact
  • Welfare
  • Non Profits
  • Foundations
  • International Aid

Target Groups
We want to provide executives that are already fostering change with some additional food for thought. Furthermore, we want to provide young professionals who are just entering the sector with a critical understanding of what they are getting into.

The social sector likes to focus on itself. By doing so, it often keeps others out. The idea of doing something for the greater good makes every action untouchable. Scientific evidence of what actually works is rare. Ideology rules.

We are increasingly being recognized as a relevant critical voice.

With Z News, we will keep you posted on what we are thinking about and working on. Not in regular intervals, but whenever there are any new blog posts or issues we would like to share. Sign up for our Z News – we are looking forward to having you on board!

Why name it “Z Blog” and “Z News”? Z refers to the German word for future: Zukunft