Introducing who works.

Our work relies on a small, multi-disciplinary team with a “can-do” attitude.

Christoph Glaser Christoph Glaser

Christoph Glaser

studied medicine and philosophy. He has been managing foundations and companies in the education and health sectors for many years. At Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft he is Chairman of the Board.
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Mathias Barth Mathias Barth

Mathias Barth

holds degrees in economics and business administration. He worked in leading business roles and now is responsible for the administration of Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft.
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Ute Volz Ute Volz

Ute Volz

holds degrees in English and German. She headed cultural projects and now, with Eleven, supports effective NGOs and works on researching impact.
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Niklas Ruf Niklas Ruf

Niklas Ruf

holds degrees in cultural studies and philosophy. He was responsible for impact investing in a BMW-foundation and now, with Juvat, is responsible for overseeing Social Impact Bonds in Germany and Austria.
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Sebastian Schienle Sebastian Schienle

Sebastian Schienle

holds degrees in economic policy management and international business. He was Global Knowledge Manager Sustainability with McKinsey and now is responsible for scaling what works through Par.
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Tian Wang Tian Wang

Tian Wang

holds a degree in business administration and was a strategy consultant at McKinsey. She worked for clarat and is now part of the Par team.
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Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft is being monitored and supported by

· Dr. Renate Reimann-Haas
· Dr. Wolfgang Reimann
· Dr. Stefan Reimann-Andersen
· Matthias Reimann-Andersen
· Dr. Peter Harf
· Bernd Beetz
· Dr. Joachim Faber
· Dr. Dr. Christoph Glaser (Chairman)
· Markus Hopmann
· Björn-Hendrik Robens
· Erhard Schöwel