what works.

We channel funding to projects that deliver proven impact.

Funding should go where true impact is being achieved. To do this, we designed and executed the first social impact bonds in Germany and Austria. We also brokered long-term and relevant funding for one of the best evaluated mentoring programs for young children in Germany.

The status quo
In the social sector, the idea of truly impact-based funding is still a foreign concept. The reason for this is that the sector too often lacks transparency and rarely has developed credible metrics for success.

Lessons learned
With the right partners, the lack of transparency can be overcome. Through target-based projects, success can be measured. Through independent research, the effects of social interventions can be proven. As a result, funds can be linked to projects that deliver real impact.

The bottom line is that there are tremendous possibilities to significantly change lives for the better. Anyone willing to give just needs to know about them.

Next Steps
As soon as we complete a social impact bond project, we publish all of our findings and materials to enable others to establish and participate in pay-for-success models in the social sector. At the same time, Juvat continues its support of those who truly want to achieve as much as they possibly can with the money they are willing to give.

This makes Juvat our contribution to more efficiency in the social sector. That is why we use the name "Juvat". Iuvat is Latin and it translates to: It works.

Our short film on Social Impact Bonds

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