Z questions

How to give?

Giving is good. But is giving always good, no matter how you do it?

From our experience, there are a few simple questions which can help donors better determine what they want to achieve and what they can achieve. The most fundamental of these questions are: Am I supporting something that is in line with my values, and above all, is it something that is really needed?

To help you navigate the difficulties in finding the best way to 'give better', we've compiled a list of 10 questions that can help you focus your efforts. We also hope this questionnaire serves as an invitation for you to get in touch with us. While these questions cannot replace personal interaction or offer you a concrete donation recommendation, we hope they are thought-provoking and provide you with insight into our specific perspective and approach to donating.

We hope you agree with us: when given a choice between helping either a little, or a lot, we should always opt for helping in the best and most effective way to make the world a better place.