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On this page we put together all our blog posts that we published on the topic of Social Impact Bonds (SIB). Just click on the respective title and you will be directed to the corresponding post. For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail@juvat.org.

How does a Social Impact Bond work?
A sample agreement that can be used as a basis for discussion (published 12/2016)

What is a Social Impact Bond?
A short introduction to the concept of Social Impact Bonds (published: 07/2015)

Social Impact Bonds – a short film
The main features of a Social Impact Bond explained in a four minutes animated film (in German; published: 04/2015)

10 ways to describe Social Impact Bonds
Our view on Social Impact Bonds summarized on ten slides (published: 01/2015))

On Social Impact Bonds that we initiated
Social Impact Bond Augsburg: Scientific Evaluation Published
The key statements of the accompanying scientific evaluation on the first Social Impact Bond in Continental Europe (01/2017)

The first Social Impact Bond in Germany is completed
A summary of the first Social Impact Bond that was implemented in Continental Europe in Augsburg/Germany (published: 09/2015)

First Social Impact Bond launched in Austria
An overview of the first Social Impact Bond in Austria including an introduction to the key players (published: 11/2015)

Overview pilot project in Augsburg
An overview of the first Social Impact Bond in Germany including an introduction to the key players (published: 12/2014)

The greatest misunderstandings
Our view on the greatest misunderstandings regarding Social Impact Bonds (published: 09/2016)

A difficult birth
Comment on the important lessons that we learned while conducting the first German Social Impact Bond (published: 09/2016)

The pie isn’t getting bigger, it just tastes better
Comment on the the claim that introducing Social Impact Bonds will increase the amount of funding available for the social sector (published: 03/2016)

On the success or failure of a Social Impact Bond
Comment on the early ending of the first Social Impact Bond in the United States (published: 07/2015)

We're probably doing too well
Comment on the constraints that the public sector faces in Germany in implementing Social Impact Bonds (published: 01/2015)

Guest comments
This actually happened
Andrew Keith Walker on the failure of the first Social Impact Bond in USA (published: 07/2016)

With big investors come big issues
Tyler Moazed on the involvement of institutional investors in Social Impact Bonds (published: 04/2016)

The opportunities and limitations of Social Impact Bonds
Michael Hagelmüller on the implementation of Social Impact Bonds in Austria (published: 04/2016)

SIB around the world
World’s first Social Impact Bond successfully completed
Link to the press release of Social Finance regarding the successful completion of the word's first SIB (08/2017)

Comprehensive report published on Social Impact Bonds
Social Finance published a report on its experiences with Social Impact Bonds to date (published: 07/2016)

Stanford Social Innovation Review on the potential of Social Impact Bonds in the United States
The Standard Social Innovation Review writes about first experiences with pay-for-success projects like Social Impact Bonds (published: 01/2016)

The Brookings Institution releases report on Social Impact Bonds
Link to a report from the Washington based think tank Brookings Institution (published: 07/2015)