/ Par / by Stefan Shaw

Help in real time – GDLive is here

A few weeks ago, GiveDirectly launched GDLive. This newsfeed funded by assistance from the Benckiser Foundation provides an insight into the world of recipients of unconditional cash transfers – in real time.

The starting point for this joint project was an email with a summary of our impressions of a visit to GiveDirectly in New York and the following tentative questions we put to GD management: Perhaps it would be worthwhile thinking about a way of letting donors see some of the comments and information GD registers from its recipients? On the website? Unedited? In real time? The answer came immediately: We had the same idea. Would you be interested in developing such a project with us ... and financing it as well? Yes we would!

As is typical of GiveDirectly, this project did not take long to get off the ground. Only a few months. And now it is here. We believe GDLive will soon be viewed as the international benchmark, not only for transparency, but also for “direct support”. GiveDirectly only takes a few weeks to forward donations it has received to the poorest of the poor. A few minutes after the recipients have received their money, we know about it and can see what happens.

Here is GDLive.