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Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft signs transparency declaration

Within the German social sector, there are no standardized disclosure requirements for non-profit institutions. However, those who work for the public welfare should publish their organization's objectives, where their funds come from, what those funds are used for and who the decision makers are, says the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (Initiative Transparent Civil-Society) of Transparency International Germany. We agree.

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Messing up foundations – and how to prevent it

When you set about managing a foundation, you land in a closed system. Considering the amount of public esteem and personal regard for those in this field, it is easy to give in to the belief that you must be making a huge difference just by being involved in it. Managing a foundation in itself already amounts to an intention to do good. To do what is right. To do what is right and good. Surely you can't mess that up? But you can. Very much so.

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Effective altruism reading material for busy people

Im Rahmen unserer Beschäftigung mit der Bewegung und Philosophie des Effective Altruism sind wir auf eine sehr anregende und nützliche Zusammenstellung von Lesestoff zum Thema gestoßen. Gegliedert unter Überschriften wie „Einführungsmaterial“, „Zur Denkweise des Effektiven Altruisten“ oder „Unendlich viel Vorrat für die weitere Lektüre“ findet man hier Artikel, Essays, TED Talks, Blog-Beiträge und vieles mehr.