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Cash for people in poverty - GiveDirectly in the news

"At worst, Philister, Mado, and the others won’t suffer hunger, for 12 years. At best, the experiment will relieve them from poverty." This is how arte, a public Franco-German TV network, describes the basic income project of GiveDirectly, one of our project partners, in Kenya.

The US non-profit uses "unconditional cash transfers" to fight extreme poverty. Last fall, the organization startet a basic income project in Kenya, worldwide the biggest pilot project of its kind. arte’s 25-minute documentary on the effort is available here (in German with English subtitles).

Vox's Dylan Matthews also went to the small Kenyan village to investigate. He talks about his trip on Vox's well-regarded "Weeds in the Wild" policy podcast. His accompanying piece about GiveDirectly’s basic income project can be found here.

We have also posted several articles on our Z Blog about our collaboration with GiveDirectly and the concept of a universal basic income:

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More unfiltered, unedited stories of the recipients that GiveDirectly serves can be found on the organization's GDLive platform.