what works.

We introduce pay-for-success models on national, state and local levels through the implementation of Social Impact Bonds in Austria and Germany.

SIB Partners of the Public Sector
· National Government of Austria
· State Government of Bavaria

Our goal is it to establish pay-for-success models for social services. In our SIBs, we are the managing intermediary between government, financiers, projects in the field and the independent evaluators of their success.

For the public sector, the concept of payment based on success is a foreign concept. For many partners, particularly nonprofits, cooperation between actors is new territory.

Pay for success works. As soon as a SIB deal is closed, everybody wins: Nonprofits in the field have secure financing, the government only pays in the case of success and nonprofit investors get their investment back, which, unlike donations, can then be reinvested in new projects.

Next Steps
As soon as we have completed SIBs on national, state and local levels, we will publish all of our findings and materials in order to enable others to establish pay-for-success models in the social sector. In parallel, Juvat will continue to identify additional opportunities for adding impact in the social sector.

Why the name "Juvat"? Iuvat is Latin. The translation? It works. This makes Juvat our contribution to more efficiency in the social sector.

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