what works.

On we create a support platform for Germany’s social sector. And we use a language that is easy to understand. By doing so, we enable families and refugees in need to access the help that is available to them in their local neighborhood.

Families and refugees in need, as well as volunteers, are often unaware of the local social services that are available to them.

We build a public directory of social services – city by city – where families and refugees, as well as volunteers, can find the help they need in just a few clicks.

There are, in fact, far more offerings available than we ever thought. Social organizations have the tendency to communicate their services in such a bureaucratic way that it is nearly impossible for those seeking help to understand it.

With clarat family, we are in the process of mapping Berlin.
Clarat refugees is now covering Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Munich. Stuttgart and Hamburg will be next. Until the end of 2017, we want 10 German cities to be mapped.

Next Steps
We strive to create directories for as many cities as our resources will permit. In order to make clarat even more useful for those seeking guidance, clarat will eventually allow users to comment on the quality of the services.

Clarat is our contribution to more transparency in the social sector. That is why we call it "Clarat"? Clarat is Latin and it translates to: It enlightens.