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Partnering – what, who, when and how exactly?

We use the term ‘partner’ quite liberally in civil society. As soon as a printing house gives us favorable discounts on a flyer, it becomes our media partner. If we have met an organization to discuss similar challenges, it becomes our cooperation partner. Sponsors, irrespective of whether they just give money or also offer content-related attributes, receive the title of dedicated partner. Because partnership is nothing but a positive and desirable thing, right? Yes and no. It is not as simple as we sometimes make out.

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How to give?

Of course we don't have all the answers when it comes to spending. Spending is a private decision which is usually the sum of many previous considerations. The decision about whether to donate locally, for example, or to an organization to which one is personally connected. Or whether one likes to provide support within a specific topic or focus on a specific target group. Additionally, a decision for one thing is inevitably a decision against another - often unconsidered - thing. Ultimately each donation can only go to one place.