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Joblinge und Rock Your Life! – Wirksame Projekte am Übergang in Ausbildung und Beruf

Die Themenreports von Phineo stellen gesellschaftlich relevante Themen vor, sprechen Empfehlungen für Förderer aus und präsentieren ausgewählte Organisationen, die mit hohem Wirkungspotenzial aktiv sind. Im aktuellen Themenreport „Job in Sicht“ werden Joblinge und ROCK YOUR LIFE! zum wiederholten Mal mit dem Wirkt!-Siegel ausgezeichnet. Beide sind Teil von Eleven auf der Praterinsel.

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Real impact – Should we have our impact externally evaluated?

Organizations in the social sector should review the impact of their programs, or arrange such a review. Not to keep their donors happy but to check whether they really are doing the best they can to reach their target group. And to ensure they are reaching as many members of the target group as possible. External assistance can be very useful in demonstrating impact. But external evaluations also imply a lot of in-house cost and effort. What do social organizations need to consider to be sure the process pays off?


Benckiser Stiftung Zukunft signs transparency declaration

Within the German social sector, there are no standardized disclosure requirements for non-profit institutions. However, those who work for the public welfare should publish their organization's objectives, where their funds come from, what those funds are used for and who the decision makers are, says the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (Initiative Transparent Civil-Society) of Transparency International Germany. We agree.